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Information on this webpage is provided as is. There is no general or special liability for any partial or wrong information. Material exposed to the public might be intellectual property which use is prohibited without permission of the keeper of this rights. External links do not represent the opinion of the author of this webpage any liability is rejected.

Private policy

Responsible contact for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are:

Torsten und Frank Sabatier

Your rights

You may contact our responsible person anytime concerning:

  • Information on stored data and its methods ,
  • Correction of wrong personal data,
  • deletion of your data,
  • restrictions of storage, if we are not allowed to delete your data due to legal restrictions,
  • objection to data storage for your personal data
  • transfer of your personal data, if you have a stated consent or have an active contract.

You may revoke your consent to store your data anytime.

You may claim any violation of your personal rights at institutions listed here:

Purpose of data storage

We store your data for our own purpose only. We do not transfer your data to others as long as:

  • You have expressed your consent to the transfer,
  • transfer is necessary to fulfill an existing contract (shipment e.g.),
  • transfer is necessary due to legal regulations,

storage or transfer is necessary for other legal interests.

Deletion/Blocking of your data

We accept base terms of avoiding data. We store personal data only as long it is necessary for the purpose or legally necessary. All data will be either deleted or blocked according to the legal guidelines.


Storage of general data

While accessing our website small general information will be stored automatically in a Cookie called text and in server log files. These data contains general information like web browser, operating system, internet provide and similar. This data leaves no trace back to your person.

This data is necessary only to provide correct display of your requested web pages and are inevitable necessary while using the internet. It will be used for:

  • flawless connection to the website,
  • flawless use of our website,
  • statistics on system stability
  • administrative purposes.

Use of this data is restricted to these purposes not to gather any personal data from you. Access is restricted to the number of persons necessarily involved.


This anonymously stored data is used for troubleshooting and optimization.


Like most web pages we use Cookies to store statistic data. It contains small text information about your browser, operating system, IP address and connection to the internet.


Cookies can’t be used to start programs locally or transfer viruses to your computer, but help in browsing our web page and in a correct display.

All data received with Cookies will be deleted from the server in regular terms. This data will not be shared wtih third parties.

You may browse through our pages without accepting cookies, but need to adjust this yourself at your browser.


In order to protect your personal data during transfer from your browser to our web site, we use SSL encoding via HTTPS.

Contact form

Information passed via our contact form will be stored only for purposes in our direct relationship . This data will not be passed without your expressed permission except where legally necessary.

Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for marketing and optimization purposes. These products collect and process your personal data and use it to create usage profiles under a pseudonym. These usage profiles are fully anonymised where possible and appropriate. Google Analytics employ cookies and/or Web beacons (also known as tracking pixels) on this website. We transfer the data we collect about you, which may also include personal data, to Google Analytics gathers this data directly. Google Analytics is entitled to use information that you leave behind by visiting our Web sites to create anonymized usage profiles. The data collected shall not be used to personally identify visitors to this website without the express permission of the party affected and shall not be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym. Any IP addresses recorded are anonymised immediately by deleting the last number block. Permission to collect and store data in the future may be revoked at any time.

p> You may browse through our pages without accepting cookies, but need to adjust this yourself at your browser. Additionally you may use a plugin to avoid data collection by Google Analytics. Use the following Link to download and install that Browser-Plugin: Browser Add On for deactivation of Google Analytics.


Additionally you may opt out for tracking click there Use this Link . An opt out Cookie will be installed to avoid further use of Google Analytics.

Changing our private policy

We reserve the right to change our policy to make it conform with new legal conditions or when changing the technical background. Please check for a new private policy any time you visit us.

Questions regarding our policy

If you have any questions regarding our data safety our private policy, please ask

Torsten und Frank Sabatier


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